The Kenlie Experience


Delectable - Admire me

Delightful, lovely, captivating  & every descriptive word in between. 

Indulge in me. 

Let me be the fragrant

taste your 

mouth desires.


Unique - Learn about me

I am unique in every sense of the word 

"She wears strength and darkness

equally well,

the girl has always been half goddess,

half hell."


Adoring - Meet with me

Adore and be adored.

Love me like

the moon intended,

all the way

through the darkness.

Unique - Learn about me


Who is Kenlie?

A little bit about my physical appearance: 

Hair: Long, dark
Eyes: Blue grey
Height: 5'8
Chest: B36

What I enjoy

You can find me enthralled with words of dark romance, both reading & writing are my favorite hobbies. Music wise, I enjoy a little of everything but my favorite is hip hop & rap. 

I love the outdoors & would be outside all day long if presented with the opportunity. I am a collector of tattoos & have many more to go lol I also collect pretty rocks and sea shells. My favorite foods include both good & bad: sushi, yogurt covered raisins & of course the occasional bag of Doritos!

What I enjoy with you

I am genuinely intrigued by men. All men and every man. I prefer and respond very well to a man who is respectful & genuine. I love a good conversation almost more than anything else...almost - hehe.


Ohhhh one of my favorite activities is inviting one of my friends to join. I have a few select, beautiful, well, actually more gorgeous than beautiful friends I would be glad to invite along. Just ask or check them out yourselves <3 

Services & Boundaries

I am open minded, however I do not compromise on safety.  I ask that you respect my boundaries & communicate your boundaries to me. 

Please do not ask me to communicate services, details or rates over phone, text or email.

Adoring - Meet with me

Upscale discreet studio

A well kept, professional, comfortable  environment. I will provide address upon booking.  

Contact me directly to book or contact the studio: 780-758-2442

Rates for Time

30 minutes - $200 to $240

60 minutes - $240 to $340
2 hours - $600  

3 hours - $800

Weekend Getaway (48hrs) $3500

each additional day after is $1000


Available at Elite Retreat & The Gallery Mon- Fri  Dates & Times may be requested

Other meeting locations

 I will consider travelling to you. I require references & screening - for both your safety & mine.


If I have not met you before it is greatly appreciated if you provide me with the following information:

  • First name or review board ID
  • Date, duration & length of meeting
  • The name of a service provider with active website that would provide a reference.

Contact Information

Email me:  or text 780-666-9093 or contact Elite Retreat 780-758-2442

Please be aware that I do not discuss services, rates or details over  phone or email.